A novel release!

So happy that my new novel, MidCoast Star, has finally been released.  Kindle version to follow soon, but get your paper read now! 

MidCoast Star is the story of failed entrepreneur and finance executive assistant Clarise Rogers and celebrated world-renowned travel correspondent Lizy Logan lead two separate lives in New York until their paths cross during an unforgettable weekend in Camden, Maine that intertwines them forever.   
Their revelatory weekend threatens to undermine all that they once held true - their loves and career trajectories. Will Clarise ever be able to forgive Thatcher's betrayal with Amber, an opportunistic aspiring model, for which she was complicit, and will Lizy finally allow herself the true love that she has denied herself all her life?   
Clarise and Lizy contend with these dilemmas and more as their once parallel lives are suddenly bound as one.

Enjoy my latest offering! 

Enjoy my latest offering! 

(Although MidCoast Star is not a sequel to my first book, Collette's Caleb, you should read it too as Amber, a true antagonist in every sense of the word, from Collette's Caleb, makes an appearance here as well.)

Child, she will ruffle your feathers! 

 Collette's Caleb:

Twenty-seven year-old Collette Sandrine-Anais Smith lives the life most people dream of.  As the personal assistant to lothario celebrity actor and fashion designer Caleb Christopher, she finds herself the object of both his and his endearing British co-star, Spencer James' affections.  When she suffers a broken heart, suddenly her life becomes more dramatic than any movie.    

Trying to focus and do her job while helping her boss navigate the minefields of celebrity, she realizes that her own happiness is at stake and that the road to mending a broken heart isn't so easy, or accompanied by a script.

My first baby,  Collette's Caleb , also for your reading pleasure.

My first baby, Collette's Caleb, also for your reading pleasure.