No hoop dreams here.

A disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with the ethos of this site.  Nothing about self-love, matters of the heart, being your best.  Nothing.  But I feel it must be said. 

Apropos of nothing, I would like to state that the constant question of, do you play basketball? has to stop.  I get this multiple times a week (got it again tonight, if you can't tell) and have been now for more years than I can remember.  When I respond with, no I don't play, the inevitable always comes next: "Really? You should."  It's always said in a tone implying that a) how could I be so foolish to have never considered such a thing, and b) I've not realized my full potential in life because I am not playing. (And heaven forbid I say that I used to play [in high school] but no longer.  Well then shame on me for not continuing the sport in my advanced age.  Seriously!)

Let me just say that tall people do not go around randomly questioning people if they play cricket, bowl, swim, golf, run, hike, rock climb (insert anything else here).  Nor do we impose our long-dormant athletic performance hopes and dreams on others.  But yet we (or at least I am) are constantly bombarded with this question by total strangers.  My personal space is always intruded upon with this.  It would be one thing if when asked I was in the middle of performing some other sport and was asked if I play hoops too, or if I were on a college campus dribbling a basketball or wearing an WNBA uniform.  But I'm typically dressed as per my normal, casual or dressy sans athletic gear when I am grilled about this. 

People ask this question as if a basketball court is always at the ready, so of course it would make sense that I would play.  In addition to needing at least a few other players and an opposing team to actually play a game, it's also necessary to have a court and referee.  It's not like, oh I don't know, running, where if asked if I were a runner it would make sense because one can just run without the need of teammates, opponents or a court. 

It is not my intent to complain, but I would love it if people understood that a) not every person is, was, or desires to be a basketball player, b) it's rude to just bombard and ask irrelevant questions especially when we 'tall drinks of water' are minding our Ps and Qs like everyone else walking down the street with ear buds in only to be stopped and interrupted, and c) at 6'1 I'm not really all that tall.  I've certainly seen taller and although I'm taller than most women–and men, for that matter, but don't get me started on that and dating.  Child, you don't even know–but I'm not Kareem Abdul Jabbar tall.  (Although my new dry cleaner reacted as if I were when I went to pick up my clothes last week, as did the I'm sure very nice Asian lady in the elevator the other day when I entered. You would have thought they were standing next to Shaq.  Good times both times.)

I know being tall is a blessing (except when shopping–don't get me going on that) and I am fortunate enough to be the long-limbed lady that I am, but imagine someone asking you at least 5 times a week if you do something you don't do, or haven't done in years and have no interest in doing, just because.  You might find it a touch annoying too. 

Me not with a basketball, but rather in all my long-limbed glory. 

Me not with a basketball, but rather in all my long-limbed glory. 

Instead try asking if I am a doctor or a scientist.  The answer will be the same, but at least it would be a different question.