Styled, simply.

If there is one good reason for being put together when you leave your apartment in NYC is that you never know who you're going to meet.  I didn't meet anyone new or exciting today, but by the reactions I received from my outfit, it felt as if I were the celebrated one.

I had no idea my simple Helmut Lang jersey knit charcoal dress was going to illicit the amount of positive response that it did when I dressed this morning.  And I certainly never thought that wearing my glasses instead of my contacts would add to it.  (The specks were a utilitarian choice as I just didn't feel like wearing my contacts.)

Styled, simply, in Helmut Lang.

Styled, simply, in Helmut Lang.

I received so many compliments today from friends and strangers alike, that it made me wonder if normally I look so bad that everyone would comment on how good I looked. I may as well have been in a Dior gown, the response was so great. 

Being in New York I try to make a point of looking my best when I leave the house because, but I never put too much fuss into my dressing.  Today was a reminder that the effortlessness of a simple dress and minimum accessories can speak louder than a seemingly purposefully-crafted outfit.  (It is this simplicity that I adore in my favorite brands–Helmut Lang, Theory and Comptoir Des Cotonniers–that their clean easy elegant lines create statements beyond anything I could ever say.)

So if you didn't have a reason before to pull yourself together when you leave home, the unintended consequences of being complimented (not cat-called)  can provide a nice ego boost when trudging your way through a Monday.

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