Getting camera ready

As a model, when I know I have a shoot coming up it's not unusual to start prepping days or weeks in advance. Knowing I had a shoot this past weekend, I got a jump on things a few days prior to get myself ready.

First stop, the gym. In order to feel and look my best for a shoot, I tend to intensify my workouts and focus on varying them so my muscles don't get bored and stop responding. For example, last week I did a mix of yoga, weight training and strength training, aided by RockTape as I've been dealing with tennis elbow for the past few months. (Apparently it is brought on by "overuse" - as if we don't all overuse our forearms - and comes with a "very long recovery period," according to my doctor. Ugh.) Although this tape didn't completely alleviate the pain, it did lessen enough to help me get through my workout.

Trying to get it done on the TRX.

Trying to get it done on the TRX.

Following a tough workout comes a good shower and shampoo, and I like SoapBox's Coconut Oil one. This affordable sulfate and paraben-free shampoo (available at Target) is especially good for black hair as it's properties envelope the follicles, thickening and moisturizing in the process. Plus this company also donates a month's supply of clean water to a country in need for every bottle of their products sold, so you can feel especially good about your purchase.

And the last stop to getting camera ready for me is La Mer's The Concentrate. (I won't pretend this isn't expensive, because it is, but having good, nourished, clean skin on which to apply makeup is crucial as a model.) This "supercharged serum" calms any irritation, melts easily into the skin and gives a matte finish that provides a perfect base before applying makeup. La Mer is definitely a luxury purchase, or an investment, in my view, but their products do deliver.

Getting my body, hair and skin in shape is just as important, if not more, than wardrobe or makeup. This maintenance is an on-going process - along with so much more - that go into being camera ready. Modeling is notoriously unpredictable and requires me to be on point in all areas for those last minute castings and photo shoots. And being in my fourth decade - heeeeeeey, it becomes increasingly more important to constantly look after myself and maintain!

A silly outtake. (Photo credit:  Maureen Bridget Photography )

A silly outtake. (Photo credit: Maureen Bridget Photography)

Getting my vitamin D during the snaps! (Photo credit:  Maureen Bridget Photography )

Getting my vitamin D during the snaps! (Photo credit: Maureen Bridget Photography)

(Photo credit:  Maureen Bridget Photography )
(Photo credit:  Maureen Bridget Photography )